Bridle Holder

The Barnery magnetic bridle holder is good for your horse

If you care about the safety of your horse and haven’t found a suitable bridle holder that protects your horse from injuries on the stable aisle, then we have the perfect solution for you.

Safety: This bridle holder is horse-friendly due to its rounded design and minimizes the risk of your horse getting injured on sharp edges or pointed hooks of traditional hangers or screws.
Use and attachment: The magnetic bridle holder is mobile and can be used anywhere you need it. The strong magnet holds the holder on any magnetic surfaces such as metal. The magnetic bridle holder allows you to attach it without drilling or screwing. While you can easily remove the mobile bridle holder with one simple hand movement, your horse can only do so with strong force.
Durability and sustainability: The magnetic bridle holder is made of bio-plastic (PLA) that is produced without oil and is biodegradable. Due to its nature, the halter holder is robust, durable and wear-resistant and does not offer your horse the opportunity to damage the magnetic bridle holder.
Design: You can choose from many different colors for your magnetic holder and have the logo elegantly printed in gold, rose gold, or silver on your product. Your mobile bridle holder is customizable and personalizable upon request.

Note: Your magnetic bridle holder is delivered in a practical fabric bag and with a reusable ferromagnetic metal band for transport. The metal band is not intended for attachment and is only used for safe transport. The magnet force of the strong magnet is reduced to prevent unintended collisions.

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