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Attach the bridle holder to any magnetic surface. Always ready when you need a place to hang your bridle or halter. The best part: No drilling or screwing required.


Are you tired of your current bridle holders often breaking and potentially causing injuries due to sharp edges? Then we have a solution for you. We have designed the Barnery with safety in mind so that if you or your horse happen to run into our bridle holder, it will simply fall off and you can easily reattach it.


We like bright and tasteful colors in our stable, so we have made it our mission to improve your daily life in the stable with bridle holders in many charming colors. The round shape and curved support surface of the Barnery is also a real eye-catcher.

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On our Instagram channel, we take you to the stable and show you the Barnery in use. We also inform you about upcoming actions, new products, and more related to horses and stables. Stay tuned, because we have many more ideas that will make your daily life in the stable easier, more practical, and more colorful.

Our philosophy

We love horses and spend most of our time in the stable. Therefore, we have made it our mission to make the stable a second home. Our goal is to develop practical and beautiful solutions for the stable. Our innovative magnetic bridle and halter holder is just the beginning. Barnery Stable Interior stands for love for the horse, community, and aesthetics.

Made with love, tested with care

Our products are developed with love and a lot of manual work goes into each and every Barnery that we make and test just for you. The Barnery delivers what it promises. We produce in Germany and focus on high quality and a fair price.

About us

As a small start-up, our goal is to improve your daily life with our stable equipment and make the time with horses even more beautiful. As a founder-led company, we attach particular importance to reliability, transparency, openness, and commitment. We are a young, forward-looking team that strives for innovation. The love for the horse always stands in the center.

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