Safety instructions

Please read and understand the following precautions before using the Barnery with its strong magnets. When you fail to follow the precautions, bodily injury or property damage may occur and/or the original function of the magnet/Barnery may not be obtained.

  • When a magnet is magnetized, strong attractive force or repulsive force arises between the magnet and other magnetic materials (magnet, yoke, rotor, stator, jig fixture, tool, etc.). A user’s hand or finger may be sandwiched between the magnet and other magnetic materials during the handling or the attachment.
  • Attach the Barnery carefully to the destination material. Otherwise, the coating of the destinations material, your Barnery or the magnet may be damaged. Damages of the magnet lead to higher sensitivity to environmental influences. Breaking the magnets may cause injuries due to splinters.
  • Attach the Barnery out of reach of your horse and small children. There is a danger of injury if magnets are swallowed.
  • Shield the magnetic force of the Barnery with the provided counterpart. The strong magnet will attract nearby ferrous parts, which may cause injury or unintentional damage.
  • Never place a magnet near magnetic recording media (for example, a magnetic tape, a floppy disk, a pre-paid card, a ticket, a credit card, and an ATM card), an electronic clock, and a cathode-ray tube (CRT), etc. It may cause damage to the media and loss of data.
  • Never bring a magnet near an electronic device to prevent a malfunction or a breakdown. 
  • Never bring a magnet without magnetic shields in an airplane to prevent a malfunction or a breakdown.
  • Never bring a magnet near a person with a pacemaker or other electronic medical equipments because normal operation of the equipments may be interfered and the person may be exposed to a life threatening risk.
  • Do not expose the Barnery to strong sunlight and avoid high temperature fluctuations. Magnets could lose their magnetic force due to heat.
  • Use the Barnery mainly indoors. Our magnets have a coating to protect against corrosion. However, this is not resistant enough for permanent outdoor use. 
  • Keep the Barnery away from high temperature emvironments at all cost! The Barnery is made of PLA (bio plastic), therefore constant temperatures higher than 50 °C (122 °F) will lead to deformation and damages of the Barnery! Do not leave the Barnery in a parked car under sun exposure or leave it under direct sunlight!
  • Do not handle the magnet under any circumstances. When a magnet is cut, machined or ground, fine magnet powder will be produced. Such fine metal powder is flammable, and it may ignite spontaneously.

Tip: To loosen the Barnery, turn and tilt it, then it’ll come off easily.

Please also inform all other persons using the magnetic bridle holder about these safety instructions.

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