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Discover our elegant, oval stainless steel plate for magnetic bridle holders! Enabling flexible mounting on wood or stone walls, it ensures safety in the stable. Rust-free, easy to install, and compatible with existing drill holes – the ideal solution for any location!

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Discover the versatility of our magnetic bridle holder combined with the elegant and modern ferromagnetic stainless steel plate! This sleek, oval plate offers you the perfect opportunity to use the magnetic bridle holder in places where magnets wouldn’t typically adhere, such as on wood or stone walls. Bring even more flexibility to your stable or equestrian facility and enjoy the benefits of our safe and practical bridle holder everywhere.

The stainless steel plate itself is not magnetic but serves as a counterpart for our magnetic bridle holder. It provides a metallic surface on which the magnetic bridle holder can easily adhere. The oval shape of the plate not only gives it an appealing and modern design but also ensures optimal adhesion of the bridle holder.

A special highlight is the rust-free stainless steel construction, ensuring the plate always looks great and has a long lifespan. Your stable accessories will remain attractive and functional.

Your horse’s safety is very important to us. If your horse accidentally bumps into the magnetic bridle holder, it simply detaches from the stainless steel plate and falls off, without injuring the animal. This way, you can enjoy this safety benefit even in places without metallic surfaces.

Another advantage of our stainless steel plate is the practical hole spacing for the drill holes. We have designed it so that existing holes from conventional metal bridle holders can be easily reused. This means you won’t need to drill new holes to attach the plate – a significant benefit for quick and easy installation!

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Ferromagnetische Edelstahlplakette zum Anschrauben für mehr Sicherheit und bessere Optik im StallStainless steel screw on badge

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